Joy and turkey

October 31, 2005 at 8:33 am (present)

I had one of those weekends where I’m in love with the world.

Sometimes you just think your friends are fabulous–hilarious, brilliant, supportive, fascinating and oddly, by some twist of fate, friends with you. Yesterday, I spent way too much money on under things, but got to revel in the joy of new under things. And today, the sun was shining, the sky was the color of an over-chlorinated pool, and the 70 degree weather melted off the last vestiges of the snow we got yesterday (yes, that would be a 30+ degree difference in 24 hours). Even the coffee shop being full when I showed up with the Sunday Times in hand this morning couldn’t spoil my mood. Dinner on Saturday night with family just reminded me how much I love them (and the ultra-gentlemanly cousin-in-law reminded me that there are men in this city who still offer to hang your coat for you), the party on Saturday was full of inventive and/or frightening costumes, and I learned that I like the freedom of wearing a pink wig. As much as I look forward to being back in California, making the decision to maybe, possibly, if someone upstairs smiles down on me at the same time that my luck peaks, be there next year has me realizing all that I will be giving up. Namely, great people who probably have no idea how much they’ll be missed.

I get like this every year around Halloween. I get incredibly positive, anticipate only good things and have a nagging desire to cook an elaborate feast for my friends. I just get to this place where I’m so happy that I adore everyone. Last year I realized that the weather in October in New England feels exactly like late November in central California. And so, for the last seven years I’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving in October. And every year, I sit through November like a kid on the last day of school. I’m antsy and giddy and full of joy. I love a holiday that is about nothing more than gathering the people you love together for a great meal. No presents, no interference or instructions from organized religion, and no way for commercial America to make you feel like you can’t participate. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a family, a significant other or a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving welcomes you anyway to say thank you for the things you do have…with turkey. Now that’s a holiday a girl can love.



  1. NH said,

    I need Thanksgiving plans – it’s my favorite holiday too!! I’m considering going to a nice restaurant with Rob, as everyone else will be out of town…….. and we fly out that night, so cooking isn’t that appealing – and what would we do with a whole turkey?!? (because you have to have turkey!)

  2. BS said,

    I’ve been to Sonsie for Thanksgiving. Fun. And an interesting crowd. I’m sure Harvest does something. Check Open Table, I just got an email from them about Thanksgiving reservations. A quiet Thanksgiving can be just as great. And I’ll do a faux Thanksgiving maybe the Sunday before Turkey Day, with pork tenderloin and white sangria 🙂

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