November 14, 2005 at 4:29 am (Uncategorized)

I spent the weekend in New Haven with an old college friend. Her boyfriend was off in Cameroon saving the world (he does that on occasion), so I was puppy parent #2 for two days. Being a puppy parent has its drawbacks – quick trips into the cold for puppy peeing, smelly dried meat chew toys, poop bags – but more importantly it means silky puppy ears to play with, cold puppy nose as alarm clock and warm puppy tummy as foot cozy. There are very few things more powerful than a 4 month old golden retriever sitting patiently with his head cocked to one side, plaintively asking you not to leave. And yet, we managed to pick up pizza and a movie, grab a drink in the graduate student pub, and wander past Skull and Bones, just for kicks. We also spent several hours fawning over puppy while catching up, pondering our futures and generally coming to the terrifying realization that we might just be grown ups. There was talk of the Dowd excerpt, multi-lingual dogs, the pros and cons of a J.D., the inherent fabulousness of old Volvos, women’s rights and respect for ancient cultures, and why we don‘t want to get married anytime soon.


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