The other me

January 23, 2006 at 4:37 am (Uncategorized)

There will be no talk of how I found this information, let’s just make that clear.

I have a somewhat unusual last name. Not entirely unique – it’s a common anglicization of a relatively common Russian name, but I’ve become comfortable with the fact that my first and last name are a pretty unique combination. I realized this evening that I was wrong.

There is a woman whose first name is only a letter off from mine (and friends you know what letter I’m talking about). She is not only shattering my dreams of uniqueness, she works in the same industry!


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  1. Dasha said,

    Well, there is some respite. When you get married, you get a carte blanche on your new last name, and there, you can make yourself as unique as you wish.

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