January 25, 2006 at 4:31 am (Uncategorized)

I’m sitting here participating in one of my favorite Tuesday night rituals – one that has been rather impractical since I started going to the gym before work. And yet flipping between Sex and humor, I find myself paying the most attention to the commercials. I’ve seen Kirstie Allie rip off a satin jacket and sashay down an alley at least 3 times now, followed almost immediately by that annoying Cher tune and scrolling text about feeling like the fattest woman in the room. The Venus de Milo doublefisting Bud Lights and bad pizza for $7 a pie dominate the spaces in between Jon’s brilliance.

If network executives think women who like to watch Carrie et. al. sleep their way through Manhattan are secretly self-loathing couch potatoes seeking a low cal support group, but people tuning in to watch a short, funny Jew mock the president are beer bellied couch potatoes looking for a high cal delivery, then where do I fit? I guess it’s better than Denny’s, Depends and local news broadcasts. But can someone tell me what show I have to watch to get the Lexus Hybrid, Breyer’s Double Churned and XM Radio commercials (I just love those Yankees/Red Sox fans staring each other down)? Incidentally, Will and Grace seems to go with Disney dogsledding movies, Hondas and Diet Vanilla Black Cherry Coke. Who’d’ve guessed? On the other hand, the Superbowl and Viagra/Cialis/Levitra? That makes complete sense.

Now you’ll notice it too (if you haven’t already). Sorry, that’s how these things work.


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