Frankly, I was underwhelmed

March 6, 2006 at 5:30 am (Uncategorized)

Pale chiffon, basic black, and a few girls in need of a tailor. I have to admit I expected more this year. The films nominated were poignant, interesting, a step outside the mainstream. Contrarily the fashions were boring: bad, but not hideous, lovely, but not striking. Black was everywhere.

It made Hillary look saggy, Catherine look masculine and Jennifer look like Brad was the talented half of that fashion duo.

Michelle Williams seems to have been the only woman (nominated) willing to take a risk.

Little Jen Lindley is all grown up and carrying herself like a modern day Ginger Rogers. The color is unusual, but in that field of ghostly ladies and satiny widows it stood out like a Christo umbrella on a California hillside. It could have been vintage, it was constructed and tailored that well.

Meanwhile, in the land of Keira…

Hollywood will simply not be able to convince me that dresses that pull in at the knees and balloon out at the ankles are flattering to a woman’s figure. There is something horribly unnatural about this look. A woman who is not old enough to remember the 80s should not be allowed to revive that decade’s fashions.

Was anyone else worried for the safety and comfort of Salma’s left breast?

Helena looked like a character out of her husband’s films. Misshapen and uneven, oddly startled and confrontational at the same time.

Yes, Amy, we get it, your dress has pockets! It’s still voluminous black taffeta and one of Ms. Herrera’s few misteps.

Nicole’s embroidered strapless number was as elegant as she was, until you got to the Judy Jetson-like hem.

And can anyone explain why Keanu Reeves was Sandra Bullock’s date?


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  1. winnekat said,

    I LOVED Michelle Williams’ dress. And I hated Charlize’s. (What was up with that huge bow on the shoulder? And her hair didn’t look good, either.) I totally agree about Salma’s boob, too.

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