Dear Universe, Should I move to California?

April 17, 2006 at 6:49 am (Uncategorized)

If I believed in signs, I’d be rather confused. When I landed in Oakland on the 7th it was warm and misty; my friend and I went directly to lunch. We emerged to the most incredible rainbow I’ve ever seen. A full ground-to-ground semi-circle in strong, brilliant, ROY G BIV colors. And an email that I can’t yet discuss was in my inbox with more than a hint of career promise.

When I landed in Oakland yesterday evening it was colder than Boston and pouring rain by morning. All local news, along with the History Channel and others had devoted programming to the centennial of the 1906 San Francisco quake. I watched hours of footage showing charred ruins, staggeringly frightening figures and menacing warnings about the area entering a new period of seismic activity.

It’s a good thing I don’t base major life decisions on rainbows or centennials.



  1. Dasha said,

    Have you heard of the African Beattle? You’re sitting at your desk in the middle of NYC, trying to decide whether you should take a month off and head to Africa on a humanitarian aid mission. That’s when an African beattle, seen in only certain parts of Africa, crawls on your desk. Then you know you have to go.

    You have to remember to forget to look for signs, but not to forget them once you see them. And you’re miserable here – so if I may speak for the universe and all of those of us who love Boston and cringe every time you say something negative about it, yes, I think you should move to California.

    Although I will miss you terribly and hate myself forever for encouraging you to move.

  2. Photo Post « Busty Satan said,

    […] in the fall of 2006. The photo was taken in the spring of that year, when I was in the Bay Area meeting with my current employer. It brings back a whirlwind interview day that I never blogged about and […]

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