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August 7, 2006 at 5:43 am (shopping)

To kill time in Ft. Lauderdale before my flight back up to Boston, the fam and I went shopping. In a store I usually dismiss, I found a lovely Marc Jacobs dress that will be just perfect for a friend’s early fall wedding. Pure sensuous silk in a fabulous color. Yes, color! The gaggle of black things in my closet don’t even know what to do with their flamboyant little sister. It was marked down to half it’s retail price and in my mind worth every penny, but when the charming clerk rang me up, a little miracle occured. That fabulous little dress was 85% off – it cost me less than a tank of gas. Which I guess means I get to spend the difference on matching shoes.


  1. fabulous girl said,

    Great dress! And omg! I bought a suit last week for an upcoming … event, and it was 70% off! I’m having the jacket taken in (not a requirement, but it will make all the difference) for the same price as the suit itself (part of the price is b/c she’s doing it in 4 days instead of 2 weeks.) There must be good shopping karma going around. I’m borrowing Amazing shoes to go with, (photo on Shuesday) but now I need a bag …

  2. winnekat said,

    Wow. That IS a nice dress, and I am not so down with the fashion as you two. But that is really really nice.

  3. Friday Four « Busty Satan said,

    […] because it would look terrible on me. And I don’t love Marc Jacobs anything (despite a couple of successes). I hunted this thing DOWN. It appeared in an email ad for shoes and I went off […]

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