August 11, 2006 at 5:22 am (Uncategorized)

I think I’ve covered everyone. Family, college friends, post-college friends, work friends, and even the owner of the coffee shop where I get my daily cup. Mojitos and small plates at Chez Henri, a small party at Brasserie Jo, a night with the girls at Cuchi Cuchi and one with a former work set at Ten Tables. Dinner at The Cafe at the Ritz with lemon verbena ice cream for dessert. An improptu breakfast at Soundbites, lunch at True Grounds (why am I just discovering their Thai salad now?!), takeout from Punjabi Dhaba paid for in change, and a truly incredible meal tonight at Oleana.

Last month, it seemed like a brilliant way to make sure I saw everyone before I left. Last week, it seemed like a new level of stupidity to take time away from packing for meals with friends. Now that it’s all over, I think I did it right. But I’m left feeling nothing. I keep searching for an emotion and find only the infinite depths of fatigue. There are things I would have liked to have done. Wandered the galleries one last time. Visited campus to see the new waterfall. Spent an afternoon on Newbury. Seen Shakespeare on the Common. Eaten one last time at Oishi, Hammersley’s Bistro, Wang’s, Sibling Rivalry, Craigie St. Bistro, my favorite North End spots, and Publick House. Maybe if I’d done all of that, tomorrow would feel more momentous. As it is, it feels like just another departure, instead of THE departure. We drive west tomorrow and I can only hope that when we cross into New York state, something will click and I’ll be able to take note of the moment appropriately – wearing a Sox hat, drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, and cutting someone off without signaling.


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