Weekly baggage

September 15, 2006 at 4:09 am (Weekly Baggage)

I count on FG for Shoesday. I love it and anticipate it all week. But I think it’s lonely. All those lovely shoes, just crying out for a bag. Not a matching bag, mind you (that’s soooo 1963), but a playful bag. Perhaps to provide stylistic balance, perhaps to jazz up a quiet classic, or perhaps just to blow that extra $2,500 you found under the couch cushions. So here is my innaugural ode to bags. My weekly baggage, if you will.

What can I say about Fendi? Lately Karl Lagerfeld’s designs just do it for me. The fat buckles, the classic color combinations, the juxtaposition of buttery leather and bad-girl patent – just divine. It makes me want a pencil skirt, a silk pinstriped blouse, and huge Jackie O shades.

New job, new briefcase? If I can’t rationalize the tres cher card wallet (despite a noticeable lack of non-metal, stylish business card cases in this otherwise over-accessorized world), how will I ever rationalize the briefcase?

Particularly at a university where even the suits don’t wear suits.



  1. winnekat said,

    Bag day! How perfect.

    Once again, proving my theory that you and the FG were separated at birth.

  2. winnekat said,

    Bag day! How perfect.

    Once again, proving my theory that you and the FG were separated at birth.

  3. fabulous girl said,

    I heart you. Happy to link to this weekly.

  4. fabulous girl said,

    Now that I’ve had a chance to think about this a little, I’d love to publicize this in tomorrow’s Shuesday – are you thinking of making it a regular thursday feature, or will it be more spontaneous? What can we expect? SO excited!

  5. BS said,

    So flattered am I!

    I’m hoping to make it weekly. I certainly won’t have any trouble coming up with material. Tearing myself away from the sunshine and/or Grey’s Anatomy long enough to post will be the challenge.

    But, um…we still get new shoes tomorrow…right?

  6. fabulous girl said,

    Oh, there will always be new shoes. Yay!

  7. Mary Robinette said,

    Mmm… I have such a weakness for bags. You can justify the briefcase because it’s gorgeous. Think of it as a power flirtation weapon.

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