Frankly, I was underwhelmed

September 20, 2006 at 4:29 am (Uncategorized)

Despite the fact that I only managed to get one hour of sleep the night before, I forced myself to stay up last night through the end of the series premier. The look of it, the dialogue, and the characters will keep me coming back, but a replacement for The West Wing it is not.

The West Wing was an escape into an idealized version of American presidential politics. Studio 60 takes up far less lofty subject matter. I don’t need to escape the reality of bad TV by watching good TV about idealists commenting on bad TV. For chrissakes, it’s television. Call me a cultural elitist, but there are only a few things for which their decline indicates a societal dilemma. Politics. Human rights. Art. Education. Literature. But not television.

When the final credits began to roll, I realized what I missed the most. Or rather who. Allison Janney, Stockard Channing, Emily Proctor and Kristin Chenoweth. Sarah Paulson I may learn to love, but it’s difficult when her character is pimping herself out to Pat Robertson’s evangelical hordes. But Amanda Peet? There’s just something about the woman that makes my skin crawl. Her smile never reaches her eyes…and she’s a bit of a mouth breather.



  1. fabulous girl said,

    Hmm, I kind of liked AP, and wasn’t expecting to. I’m in – can’t get enough of Josh Lyman. Also, Nate! Brother of Rob! Adorable. But Timothy Busfield is a man in need of a beard. Bring it back, Tim!

  2. BS said,

    It’s growing on me. And I too would watch Bradley Whitford do anything.

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