And then I almost died…

October 30, 2006 at 7:37 am (present)

I was driving home from my parents’ house (yes, again) headed north on 880. In an instant, the SUV next to me was in my lane and within inches of my lap. I swerved, fast and hard, and went right, then left, then right, then left between my new lane and the shoulder, coming dangerously close to the cement barrier wall. I have no doubt that my alignment is now screwed. I also have no doubt that had I been in my father’s little Jeep or had my reflexes been even a millisecond slower, I would have flipped several times and been headed towards that barrier wall at 70 mph.

Upright, safe, whole, and shaking, I slowed to 40 to reassess. I said thank you aloud…and then got pissed. “Stupid bitch didn’t even slow down,” followed almost immediately after my thank you. I could have died and my reaction was to get angry? That must mean that I’m not particularly well adjusted. I’ve now cried just a little, taken numerous deep breaths, told the story to my calming father, unpacked, and watched an hour of innocuous television, and I’m still angry. The stupid bitch didn’t even slow down!



  1. Morgan C. said,

    I’m glad you’re okay! Sounds harrowing, and it’s a good thing you weren’t in an SUV…

    Thanks for remembering my birthday! What a surprise to see on my blog! 🙂

    Hope the weather out there is nicer than back here in DC…the temperature is dropping rapidly!

  2. BS said,

    Thanks. I’ve spun out in the rain, gone sliding down hills in the snow, and been in a few accidents, but this was definitely the most scared I’ve ever been in a car.

    Hope you had a wonderful vanilla latte-filled birthday!

  3. fabulous girl said,

    So glad you’re OK. And you’re not alone with the angry response – that’s always been my secondary reaction to brushes with death. The tears come later.

  4. NH said,

    I’m with you – stupid bitch! Good to know you’re ok

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