The Wedding (#2)

June 13, 2007 at 6:12 pm (plays well with others, present)

By the time the ceremony began, I’d already had some hair of the dog and was half-way towards recovering from my stomach’s reaction to the rehearsal dinner’s meat and vodka combo. Beneath the chuppah was the traditional Persian sofreh, all of it’s elements resting on a blanket of yellow rose petals. The bride cried. The rabbi made jokes. And then suddenly ALM had a sister-in-law.

We sat down to dinner and toasts. The lemon sorbet intermezzo was so good that I’m considering having it at every meal. The filet mignon was perfectly tender. The best man was crass, but hilarious. The maid of honor won the heart of every man in the room when she ended her toast by dedicating “Queen-to-Be” from Coming to America to her sister.

ALM and I danced – starting with “The Way You Look Tonight” and finishing things up with “The Last Dance.” The bar stayed open past midnight. And somewhere around 2 am we found ourselves back in our room, me limping from too much dancing and ALM passed out diagonally on the bed from being the best damn brother (read: too much stress) and Jack and Cokes.


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