This is your blogger on bubbly

September 7, 2007 at 3:13 am (favs)

I am blogging drunk. Why? Because I can. OK, OK, because I found myself at my desk around 4 pm, writing a difficult email and craving sparkling wine. It’s amazing really, that it takes so little to make me happy. Some quality time with ALM – maybe a back rub, a few of those little kisses behind my ear – or a truly great chile verde burrito, or a sudden appearance of “Bust a Move” on XM radio in the middle of an open stretch of 280 (and yes, I did inbed a link while blitzed, aren’t you proud?), or, well, sparkling wine. I was in search of a cremant, but settled for a blanc de noir on sale. Because, seriously, when all you need are little bubbly sips of a passport to oblivion, why the hell not save 7 bucks?

Turns out my roommates were in need of a drink too. And THEN, since I wasn’t drinking alone anymore, I figured I had the Universe’s clearance to drink twice as much. And so, I bring you drunk BS. Why have I been out of touch, you ask? Because, naturally, you care. Well love, I’ve been busy. There was a trip to Seattle (fabulous weather, evil cab drivers, and people seriously need to move beyond Emo attire), then Boston (just wonderful to see everyone, but you’ve got to be nuts to put up with that humidity), then this weekend is suddenly houseguests and a wedding.

The low points of the day involved a mealy apple, that combative email, and a work thing I can’t discuss. The high point was definitely the wine.



  1. fabulous girl said,

    well, as long as you’re inbed …

  2. BS said,

    Ah well, I guess I was thinker than I drunk I was.

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