Mad Fashionistas

September 26, 2007 at 4:51 pm (present)

There’s just something about AMC’s “Mad Men.” The lush look and feel of it mixed with the era’s realities of sexism, racism, and anti-semitism is a positively addicting cocktail. It has earned a firm place in my weekly lineup of Shows I DVR and Try to Cram into the One Night a Week I Sleep at My House. The clothes, the scandals, the awful, awful pack of men preying on secretaries (who actually were, in that era, secretaries) – it has me rapt. And I love to hate no one more than Pete Campbell.

Speaking of TV personalisties I love to hate, let’s talk about Bridget from the “Fashionista Diaries.” I discovered this show while stuck at ALM’s without cable. I went to in search of old “Ugly Betty” episodes and found this little bit of fluff instead. I don’t think I have SoapNet, unless it’s one of those channels between 15 and 35 that I always skip over, so I’ll continue to catch up via my trusty little laptop screen. Yes, yes, the show’s not realistic, and yes that skinny bitch has style, but my god, PLEASE make her shut up! I kind of want to find her and pop her in the nose. Or better yet, I want ALM to tell me that not all men can get past a cruel, vapid personality and still find the girl beautiful.


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  1. fabulous girl said,

    ooh! Am watching Mad Men too, of course! So good.

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