Why I hate/love/hate/love/hate? J.Crew

October 1, 2007 at 5:51 pm (Uncategorized)

When the email said, “Absolutely must-see this jacket,” I thought yeah right. J.Crew and I had a falling out back in college when I had to go up two sizes to find a top, jacket, or dress that didn’t painfully smash my chest. Now we talk only from a distance. They send me emails, and I occasionally peer in their windows. Despite the discord, I still use them for their cashmere. The quality for the price is better than anything I’ve ever found elsewhere, and a girl just has to give in for cashmere. Besides, sweaters stretch.

This email, I must admit, was too intriguing to pass up. Fine, J.Crew, a point for you. Your marketing team won this battle in our ongoing war. I must see the jacket.

Boy was I a fool. You lovely, lovely piece of wool, with your contrast trim and hand-painted enameled buttons. I love your notch collar and your waist defining slim tailoring. You would be so lovely in grey, dressing up my favorite black slacks with a pair of marigold flats. Or over a deep purple blouse with jeans and heels. You would be office appropriate, even in this California-collegiate environment of Birkenstocks and ankle-length linen dresses. You would keep me warm on a Sunday, shopping in Union Square. You would go with everything. And of course, you would never, ever fit both my top and my waist in the same size. Curse you J.Crew, curse you…P.S. Love the jacket.

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