Why Being an Only Child Sucks

October 31, 2007 at 11:06 pm (in my head, the fam)

Being minus one boyfriend means I’m now out of the family trip to Italy this summer.

See, before heading to a Tuscan villa with our Roman friends to drink wine in the shade of olive and lemon trees heavy with fruit (or so my imagination goes), we are taking a little cruise around the Western Mediterranean. And single occupancy on a cruise ship is just too expensive they say. I’m not sure that meeting them somewhere post-cruise, but pre-villa will work. So I’m out. But…seriously? Italy. Mediterranean. Villa. I want all that. It just seems unfair that I have to give up the family trip when I’m already down regular sex and cuddling.



  1. Jess said,

    What? That’s crazy. Would they be paying more for you without the boyfriend, or are they trying to say that it’s just too inefficient? What a mean thing to do right after you break up with somebody.

  2. BS said,

    Actually, it was implied long before the breakup, but I just remembered yesterday. It’s really the single occupancy on the cruise thing. I’d likely pay for the cruise on my own and have been advised that I can’t afford it if it’s just me. It’s not so much my parents being mean as it is the Universe being unfair.

  3. fabulous girl said,

    Talk about piling on! I mean, now is the time when you need a cruise/something to look forward to.

    I totally get it, but still …

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