I’m coming out

November 9, 2007 at 4:38 am (in my head)

I originally wrote this in November of last year, then chickened out and never posted it. Seeing as how I’m single again and jumping back into this crazy world of dating, it is suddenly timely.

I’m coming out of the match.com closet. Yup, you read that right. I sucked it up and took the plunge. All the arguments about being new to the area and somewhat friendless finally got through. Besides, in bars and clubs, I seem to attract meatheads – maybe it’s the boobs – instead of the slightly geeky intellectuals I actually like. My mom, in that annoying way akin to “I heard it on Oprah,” has relayed several stories about some radio personality claiming online is the only way anyone ever meets anymore, but I don’t buy it. I want excitement. I want butterflies. I want plunging necklines and witty banter over vodka. I want to guess his height, his favorite hotspot, the last book he’s read. I want to be attracted by his ability to lean, his willingness to dance, his choice of caffeinated beverage. None of that comes with online dating. It’s unnatural. And I can’t help but feel like less of a woman for doing it. Women I think are incredible – strong, funny, gorgeous friends, friends of friends and internet strangers have all done it. But it still feels like settling.

And now a year later (and after one bona fide match.com relationship – oh yeah, um, did I mention that’s how the ex-ALM and I met?), I’m back there again just hoping it will be a viable distraction until I meet someone in a wine bar, or through a friend, or in some other offline scenario.


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  1. fabulous girl said,

    Thx u. This reminds me of the Breck commercial – I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on …

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