Picking up a spoon

December 7, 2007 at 11:56 pm (in my head, On dating and mating)

Men notice attractive women whether or not they’re in a relationship. They’re visual creatures, I get it. And it’s not so much that we girls don’t notice attractive men, it’s just that we don’t really dwell. I believe we’re a bit stronger of mind and character, less swayed by shiny things. Is that sexist? Sure. It’s also true.

But if men are visual, we women are tactile. Touch me well and it almost doesn’t matter what you look like. Almost. And get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about stroking my hand. Maybe. Because of this difference, the men I used to encounter while I was with the ex-ALM never once posed a threat to our relationship: I never touched them. But now I’m free to admire all of the men I commute with everyday. It’s almost as if I’ve stepped into a whole new world of vintage t-shirt wearing hipsters and business school blue-shirts. Suddenly my eyes are open and I’m noticing all of the handsome men around me. And it is good. Now if only I knew how to flirt…



  1. Jess said,

    Just be careful not to bump into strange commuters, if a touch is all it takes… sounds like it could get you into trouble.

  2. fabulous girl said,

    Wait, are you referencing the whole Joey/Ross grab a spoon conversation from the first season of Friends?

    Please cone to NY! There will be flirting lessons galore …

  3. BS said,

    Not all commuters do it for me Jess, just the cute ones. And I think maybe I should be trying to bump into them.

    Yup FG, I was. I still have conversations with a girlfriend about finding my lobster and being willing to drink the fat.

    Oh New York, I’d love to. But until that happens, any flirting tips you (or anyone else) have would be welcome! I have a cocktail party on Saturday at which I promise to practice 😉

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