Advice for the single girls

December 11, 2007 at 10:49 pm (the fam)

Beware Jewish mothers…and sarcastic Jewish fathers. On the phone last night:

BS: OK, I’m ready for a new boyfriend.

The Father Figure: Alright, so?

BS: So fix it.

The FF: Hmph. Fix it, she says. I don’t think you’d like how I’d fix it. All I’d have to do is tell your mother that you’re willing to be set up.

BS: Lovely. She’d be on a street corner handing out my business card within the hour.

The FF: We could just sell you to the highest bidder…

BS: Thanks.

The FF: Oh sweetie, I’m kidding. Mom had her chance to sell you in Egypt and she turned the guy down.

BS: That’s right, she did! And 2,000 camels is a lot of money. Of course I was probably worth more at 13 than I am at 27.

The FF: A lot more. You’re practically an old maid. You should start getting cats.


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