Just when I’d found the perfect man…

December 13, 2007 at 8:44 pm (On dating and mating, plays well with others)

I came home after lindy class (plus dinner with classmates in between lesson and open dancing) on Tuesday night and gushed to my roommate about a guy. Now, now, don’t get all excited. True, I relayed that he’s tall and interesting, but I was quite certain that he wasn’t interested. I believe my actual words were, “I want to make him my new gay boyfriend!” (which somehow implies that I had an old gay boyfriend, but that’s neither here nor there).

Because I am, as previously noted, an absolutely atrocious flirt (and downright shy around straight, available men who I always assume are looking past me at some pretty girl in the back), I was thrilled to think that I could relax and go out of my way to be explicit about my friendly interest in Gay Boyfriend. I’d purposefully asked him questions at dinner, parked myself next to him later that evening for a rest between dances, and generally tried to be amusing, agreeable, and attentive. Cut to last night.

Other roommate’s holiday party reminder was a glaring, unread bold in my inbox, so I clicked. While scrolling through the party RSVPs, I saw a familiar face. Gay Boyfriend! I thought, I didn’t know you knew Other Roommate! And then suddenly it hit me (and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why or how), Gay Boyfriend is *gasp* straight! Shit, shit, shit.

I checked in with Other Roommate and relayed my story. Seems he’s her boyfriend’s co-worker and does, in fact, purport to be straight even though Other Roommate’s boyfriend believes otherwise. Both roommates have now suggested that maybe I can “figure it out for myself” on Saturday, but instead I’ll be crawling into the little hole I use when I’ve made an ass of myself and need to regroup.



  1. Jess said,

    How did you make an ass of yourself? I think it’s refreshing that you were uninhibited and straightforward about just wanting to be friends with him. Just because he’s male doesn’t mean that our only option is to flirt with him or to ignore him.

  2. BS said,

    Yeah see, that’s completely logical and all, but you forget that I’m neurotic. It has nothing to do with thinking we couldn’t be friends. It’s more the fear that he might think I was hitting on him on Tuesday and will be avoiding me like the plague on Saturday.

  3. yjwba said,

    Oh, no, be brave! Just because you were flirty and fun doesn’t mean you were an ass. Maybe he thought you were crazy sexy, and now he wants to prove he’s straight? Go for it!

  4. amber said,

    Yeah. That post just above? That was me. Accidentally called myself the word verification.

  5. fabulous girl said,

    Right, because any man would be avoiding you for hitting on him.

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