Kicking Off the Holiday Season

December 21, 2007 at 7:31 pm (plays well with others, present)

Last night I lived up to my college nickname: Mistress of Decadence. It started with bourbon and finished with chiboust; in between there were moments of heaven.

If I had a lovahh, our trysts would begin at the bar at Spruce. It’s dark, it’s sexy, it’s conducive to leaning in for kisses and resting hands on knees. My date for the evening, while not dark and not my lovahh, was my very sexy friend C. The redhead wore a suit and low red patent heels, while I opted for my silk dress with black tights and amethyst beads. Having chosen an incredibly popular restaurant less than 48 hours before we hoped to be seated, we knew reservations were out. Instead, we happily opted to eat in the bar area, where the eye candy was sweeter anyway. Poor C arrived well ahead of me (per the plan) and had to battle a cougar or two to hold onto my seat, but she handled the situation with her typical aplomb and emerged victorious.

We started with the to die for charcuterie. (If sashimi is this year’s omnipresent menu item, then salumi is its 2008 successor, but I for one, don’t want to see either trend disappear anytime soon.) The foie gras was grab-the-edge-of-the-(Carrera marble) bar-good and the sea bass with pomelo was accompanied by the lightest, yet somehow buttery, leek and crab fondue. The petrale sole didn’t thrill us and C was more impressed with the chai ice cream than the pumpkin chiboust it accompanied, but the five star ambiance made up for anything lacking in the food (and that wasn’t much). Four+ hours later, when the charming charcutier offered to send us out the door with a sample of coppa, we had to decline or risk bursting buttons (or in my case, grosgrain ribbon bows).



  1. amber said,

    I love bars with the leaning and the dark sexiness, and now I’m dying to go. Lucky you!

  2. Jess said,

    Mmm. I love your description–it gives such ambiance. I also love your silk dress.

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