My ass is king

February 14, 2008 at 5:10 pm (shopping)

So here’s the deal. I have these jeans hanging in my closet. And, as the picture shows, they have big silver crowns on the back pockets. They’re straight without being skinny, they’re the perfect deep true black, and they fit remarkably well. But I’ve only worn them once because…they have big silver crowns on the ass!

I’m no more self-conscious about my ass than the average woman, but I don’t want it to be the first thing people notice. These jeans would be ideal for work if not for the crowns and I have a zillion things to pair with them…if not for the crowns. So I’ve been thinking…Sharpee! Couldn’t I just color over those silver suckers with a permanent marker? Just to mute them or something? Maman thinks this is a terrible idea. She loves the crowns. She says the crowns make them different and interesting.

I just don’t know. Would I be ruining them with my arts and crafts project, or would I be making them wearable? Any thoughts?



  1. Jess said,

    I have rejected many an otherwise perfect pair of jeans because of something I didn’t like on the back pocket. If the crowns are preventing you from wearing an otherwise perfect (and quite pricey) pair of jeans, do something about it. Despite what Maman says.

  2. BS said,

    The opinion is much appreciated!, but it should be noted that I got them at a Nordstrom Rack on sale. I paid nowhere near the price listed on that site!

  3. WendyB said,

    I like the crowns. Try wearing them once and see how you feel about it.

  4. NH said,

    My official comment = Keep the crowns! Celebrate your ass!

  5. BS said,

    I’ve decided to bring the jeans down to my parents’ place this weekend. If I can wear them once (crowns and all) in that little hick town without being painfully aware of my ass at all times, then I’ll throw out the Sharpee idea.

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