February 20, 2008 at 11:08 pm (favs)

When you name your blog Busty Satan, you’ve gotta figure that you’ll show up in some rather interesting searches. I check my sitemeter only ocassionally, and sometimes, I just don’t want to know. We’ll hit only briefly on the really disturbing ones and then move right along.
“busty children” from Buenos Aires and Winnipeg, which is the nasty little friend to “busty 10 years old”, “busty little girls”, and “busty kids”. Someone get that guy a cell.

“busty moms” from Missouri
OK fine. MILFs and all. I get it.

“people that try to take of the shirts of busty moms” from Maryland
Same thing, I guess. More or less.

A search for “busty grandmothers” came from Philly…and Quebec…and Tennessee. 
Seriously? There’s more than one person out there into this?

“busty grandfather” (emphasis mine) from Malaysia
Whew. I have no words.

“My Busty Boss”
Not really what I look for in a supervisor, but to each his/her own.

Someone in Middleton, MA is looking for “busty neighbors”
Aren’t we all, buddy. They’re just so much more neighborly.

“Red Sox busty” from Staten Island
Obviously a New Yorker with fabulous taste in women.

“i am satan” from Uniontown, PA
Um…I’m scared of him.

“does music come from satan when he moves?” from Tennessee
I’m scared of him too, but for totally different reasons. Music comes from heaven, friend, and so does dancing. God told me so herself.

“busty san francisco women” from Palo Alto
Apparently the man of my dreams is right down the penninsula.

“Carving chickens” from wholesome Wisconsin

“hot goy fuck sex” in Four Oaks North Carolina
I have a feeling he meant gay, because I’m sure North Carolina is so full of goys having hot fuck sex that no one need turn to the internet to find more.

“how to put together dress blues” from Utah
Well, Marine/Sailor/Soldier, I certainly can’t help you there (though I’m a fair hand at removing Class A’s), but shouldn’t they teach you that in Marine school?

“love busty” 
Well of course you do, you’re from LA.

There’s always the holiday favorite, “busty turkey”.
Someone likes juicy breasts.

And finally, from London comes a conundrum: “busty women no holes bared”.
Do you think s/he meant “no holds barred” and just didn’t know the idiom? Or perhaps “no holes barred” as in no limits to the number/kind of holes? Or maybe they actually just wanted to find some busty women who weren’t baring their holes. Yes, that must be it.



  1. amber said,

    I’m continually alarmed by the growing number of bizarre fetishes out there. BUSTY GRANDFATHERS, for example. Picture me shuddering.

  2. WendyB said,

    “hot goy fuck sex”!!!! LOL.

  3. Jess said,

    Torsten sometimes mixes up male and female names like grandma and grandpa when he isn’t paying attention. It can be a hard thing to remember if English isn’t your first language. Here’s hoping that’s what happened to that person in Malaysia.

  4. Windsor Grace said,

    Ok. You win. But, you probably don’t get fucking dolls on a regular basis. Although, I did get dolls fucking the other day. Made me feel dirty.

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