My number, minus one

June 4, 2008 at 11:23 pm (in my head)

Does anyone else have an ex-boyfriend they forget to count? I don’t mean one you “forget” to count when you’re snuggled up in bed with someone new, but rather one that legitimately doesn’t show up on your mental radar until Gmail suggests his email address when you type in the initials he shares with one of your best friends. There are early blog entries devoted to him, but I can’t even picture his face. Apparently he once picked me up at the airport. I remember that he had a mop of curly hair (already beginning to thin) and played lacrosse. My friends and I called him The Instaboyfriend because he was so damn quick to commit. I can’t tell you the color of his eyes, what kind of car he drove, whether he had siblings, what beer he drank. I can’t tell you if we dated for weeks or months. I can only tell you that if I forget to count him, then he obviously doesn’t count. 


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