Adventures in hair color

June 30, 2008 at 5:36 pm (in my head, plays well with others)

Twice last week I was approached by complete strangers who talked to me about the color of my hair.

The second one found me in the shoe aisle at Nordstrom Rack. She was a salon student looking for a hair model with virgin locks who wanted to go red. The first wasn’t nearly as harmless.

Dancing Roommate and I went out for a little swing and lindy and stumbled onto a singles’ party. There we met two fellows who seemed to be more interested in us than in the two women who were obviously interested in them. Never one to compete for the attentions of a man, I found myself making pleasant conversation with one of the women instead: a tall, fit blond.

“Lovely earrings,” she said, “are they an heirloom?”
“Thanks! No, I think I got these the last time I was in Hawaii.”
“The ‘last time’? Do you go that often?”
“It’s our annual family trip.”
“Must be nice,” she sneered, “especially when Mommy and Daddy pay for everything.”

Say wha?!

Now that she had made her M.O. clear, she changed direction with a comment about how easy it must be to manage my hair. Being blond was just so hard with all that upkeep and highlighting. Of course, it was also worth it *wink, wink*. There was something in her tone and in the way she raised her voice to be heard by the men that told me exactly what she thought of brunettes.

At that moment Dancing Roommate reappeared and we made a hasty exit in the direction of the dance floor, but if the insecure blond was hoping to make me feel like less than, she should have gone after a different physical characteristic. For as much as I like blond hair and think it suits my gorgeous blond friends, I’ve never in my life wanted to have it myself. I like, no love being a brunette. It just feels right. And it’s why I’ve decided not to let the salon student touch my hair. I may eventually go red, but for all of the things I dislike about my appearance, I’m not letting anyone mess with the one totally natural, entirely me bit that I love.



  1. amber said,

    Your hair is awesome, and that bitch needs to shove it.

  2. WendyB said,

    What a charmer!

  3. NH said,

    hahahaha! Sorry – this story struck me as sooo funny. I’m sorry, as I’m sure it was very unpleasant, but some people are just ridiculous! It sounds like she has some serious problems… maybe some of the highlighting chemicals fried her brain.

  4. fabulous girl said,

    How funny – just had a conversation about being a brunette last night.

    The blonde just sounds so unhappy to me. Poor thing.

  5. BS said,

    It really was just sad. But it did help me make up my mind about letting the salon student play with my locks and for that I am grateful.

  6. BS said,

    It really was just sad. But it did help me make up my mind about letting the salon student play with my locks and for that I am grateful.

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