The weekend in Napa

October 13, 2008 at 3:28 pm (the fam)

After a lovely dinner with the FG’s My Fellow Canadian, his parents, and the rest of the trivia crew, I threw a few things in a bag and headed towards Napa. I was in a pensive mood (and the XM kept churning out piercing moments of nostalgia), which is the only way I can explain why I missed the exit three times. 

The Paraduxx open house surpassed last year’s with food from various venerable area restaurants (including my favorite, the mini duck burgers with shittake ketchup and Chinese style mustard sauce), perfect weather, and, of course, entirely drinkable wines. They were pouring the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Paraduxx, plus the 2005 Canvasback and three of the Postmarks. There was a stunning golden retriever sunbathing beside the valet stand and they sent us home with pairs of Woodhouse chocolate ducks. 

I fell asleep that night in the middle of a Red Sox game, on my back, before 10 pm. It’s been ten years since any one of those things happened, let alone all three.
We visited two of the FF’s favorites on Sunday, did some tasting right out of the fermentation tanks, walked by AKA (unfortunately not yet serving lunch) and picnicked at Oakville Grocery before getting on the road back to our respective homes. I crossed the Golden Gate about a half hour before sunset with the Pacific Ocean gleaming and the hills of the city painted pink; it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. 

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