November 12, 2008 at 12:34 am (plays well with others)

Dancing Roommate and I went to Americano last night for their Monday night special and dined like queens while squealing and giggling like pre-teens. I went right for the Basil Hayden before ingesting any food and found myself drunkedy drunk when the parsnip soup arrived. I don’t know if it was the bourbon or the company or what, but the parsnip soup was delicious – smoky and tangy and just the right consistency. The bucatinni with house made meatballs (we determined they must have had veal in them, but decided not to notice) was delicious and the Montepulciano was drinkable (and more if you consider that the whole meal came in at $20 each plus tax and tip). We decided to splurge and get dessert even though it’s not part of the special; I was far too drunk to finish my goat cheese and huckleberry bread pudding and just drunk enough to be making spelling errors in my text messages.

Thankfully, DR was driving, and we went straight into the hot tub when we got home. We sat in silence until the 15 minute timer on the jets ran out before opening our eyes and returning to reality. It was probably one of the best Mondays in a month of Mondays. And I sure as hell would have felt like I deserved every second of it if I’d known how my Tuesday would turn out.


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