The day I was gangsta

November 21, 2008 at 10:12 pm (past, plays well with others)

Thursday 11/20
1:08 pm

The Dangerous Ex: oh
DE: youre already here
BS: I’m everywhere sucka
DE: look at you all gangsta
BS: aren’t I though?
DE: maybe
DE: when you wanna be
BS: I’m having a shitty day
DE: so whats up?
DE: why you stressed?
DE: you need me to brush your shoulders off?
BS: brush my shoulders off?
DE: yeah, it means relax, dont worry about bullshit
DE: i thought you were gangsta
DE: it means brush the chips off your shoulders, brush the dust off
DE: dont worry about the haters

BS: honestly, I’m like an emotional minefield today
DE: thats ok
DE: im trained to move in minefields
BS: you’ve been waiting years to use that line
DE: yeah and you set me up perfectly

BS: heh
DE: cmon, that was funny
BS: it was funny
DE: it deserved a little more than ‘heh’
BS: heh is my lol
DE: oh
DE: well i hate to tell you this
DE: but your lol sucks


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