November 24, 2008 at 7:32 pm (plays well with others)

Like all of my recent weekends away, I began the trip to Colorado lamenting all I would not be getting done at home and ended it incredibly thankful for such a wonderful time. It was probably a quieter, less active weekend than Colorado Friend and her husband are used to, but it gave us an opportunity to talk, which was the best part of the trip for me. Colorado Friend is just amazing. She and the hubby have been through things I wouldn’t wish on an enemy (if I had enemies) and yet we talked on Sunday morning about practicing gratefulness. If the measure of a person is how they handle what they’ve been dealt, then she’s an effing rock star. 

We walked her dogs (one as stunningly beautiful as the other is goofy looking) and ran into some of her friends in downtown Boulder. Her English husband indulged me by saying “ghetto” a few times, just for giggles. We went to the Denver Symphony (in the round, which was lovely) and the Brown Palace. We went to a hot yoga class (where I proceeded to step out of the studio and pass out 3/4 of the way through the class: high altitude + dehydration + hot yoga = bad news) and then loaded up the car with mountain bikes and headed towards the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. We planned to park at the mall, have lunch, and then ride to the museum. Seven hours later, we left the mall having never taken the bikes off the bike rack. CF said that she had no girl friends in Colorado willing to shop with her, so I figure I was just doing my friendly duty. 

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  1. fabulous girl said,

    Cereal, no milk. Is it possible we were separated at birth?

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