I am thankful for…

November 26, 2008 at 5:06 pm (in my head)

My Promotion! And raise! And Fabulous Boss Lady who was behind me all the way.

The ex-ALM for being a great friend willing to give me a kick in the ass when I need it.

Dancing Roommate (who moved in this year) and her wisdom, insight, and friendship.

Colorado Friend and her hubby for being effing rock stars.


The Agent for giving me an excuse to play tourist in my own city and fall in love with it all over again.

A full year of good health [knocking on wood].

The Pigskin Attorney for pointing me towards these.

Tyler and Kian and their healthy mommas.

The Future CEO for meeting me at the airport post-red eye flight with an extra latte in hand, because she just knows me that well.

President Obama (and Michelle, love having a strong woman back in that role).

The Dangerous Ex for a very dirty sense of humor and for moving gently and deftly through emotional minefields.

Dogs. All of them. For being able to lower my blood pressure and slow my heart rate. For big slobbery kisses and smelly I-ate-people-food farts that make me think I *might* someday be able to deal with the same disgustingness from a human baby.

California: I feel lucky to live here every single day.

Work Friend for being the savior of my sanity on many an occasion.

C for being C: Incredibly kind, always polite, and brutally honest. For being equal parts mature quasi-therapist and giggling junior high-esque BFF.

The Trivia Crew for conversations that feel like they were written by Aaron Sorkin.

Making the decision to go back to ballet. For realizing that I can get pleasure out of it without having to be the best.

Acceptance. Of my limitations, my failures, my desires, my needs, and even (on a good day) my accomplishments.


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