Must I do everything myself?

November 26, 2008 at 12:04 am (if I ruled the world)

Work Friend and I were craving cupcakes today, so we trudged off to our local favorite cupcake place in search of a fix.

But first, a little background: I’ve been pretty anti-sugar for about a month now – just the thought has been turning me off. Chocolate in particular has seemed downright disgusting. This is a 180 degree shift from my normal gastronomical personality wherein I dislike all things fried or red meat (except lamb, ohmygod lamb!), generally stick to healthy stuff, and crave sugar like it’s the new crack. (I was torn between thinking I must be dying and embracing the accidental calorie-cutting.) But today, for whatever reason, the sweet tooth returned…with its chocolate-loving friend in tow. I typically indulge in these situations because 1) I eat pretty well on a regular basis and 2) it doesn’t take a lot of sugar (or chocolate) to make the craving go away.  Hence, the trip to the cupcake place.
Before we even got out of the parking lot I had my order planned: chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Now doesn’t that sound insanely wonderful? Sweet, tangy, creamy frosting and a moist, earthy chocolate base. It’s like a cupcake Oreo, but better. I’m not always so specific about my cravings, but having been off of sweets for four weeks made me want what I wanted when I wanted it. When we arrived, I scanned the offerings, but could find nothing to fit the bill. Chocolate cupcake, cream cheese frosting. This is not my father’s blueberry ice cream with hot fudge-dipped fries. This is not my (at the time pregnant) mother’s tuna fish and oranges. It’s chocolate and cream cheese frosting! It’s basic. Isn’t it?
Shockingly (to me) the cupcake place doesn’t make a chocolate/cream cheese frosting combo. Neither does the other (better known) cupcake place in the mall. I realize that I sometimes eat unusual things and/or eat things in unusual ways – I eat my cereal without milk, my tuna without mayo, and my reuben sandwiches without the thousand island dressing – but I didn’t think this was one of those times. How had no one thought of this before?
The cupcake girl very kindly suggested that I ask to have one made next time. Depending on who was working, they might make a special cupcake for me.  But why must that be a special request? Shouldn’t chocolate with cream cheese frosting be available in every cupcake shop everywhere? Shouldn’t it just exist?
I made do with a caramel-filled chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache and fleur de sel (because that’s basic and normal…riiiight) and I’m not about to say that it was anything but insanely delicious, but it wasn’t chocolate and cream cheese.
The sugar craving has been satisfied (actually, right now I don’t ever want sugar again), but I’m left wondering why my only option for satisfying my precise craving, were it to show up again sometime, would be to bake and frost my own damn cupcake. I guess if you want something done right…

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  1. Lily said,

    Chocolate and cream cheese should DEFINITELY just exist. That’s one of the world’s greatest gifts in flavor combos! Hope you find it next time!

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