Highlights of the weekend

December 8, 2008 at 5:35 pm (getting physical, plays well with others)

#1) I met The FG! With a hug and much admiring of her dress (which I perhaps didn’t actually verbalize because I was too busy grinning and thinking that she’s even lovelier in person). You would have to go back to November 2005 to find the first intersection of The FG and BS, but it took three years before we found ourselves not only on the same coast, but in the same city. 
#2) I bought pointe shoes yesterday. Dancing Roommate instigated the Peter Pan Syndrome purchase. She needed heels she could dance in and I was more than happy to tag along to the dancewear store. Once inside, she told the woman I wanted to look at pointe shoes while I stammered things about being too old and too out of practice. I have to admit that once they were on, I forgot about the blisters and bruised toe nails and bleeding that accompanied my previous pointe work; I got swept up in the “oooh shiny…pretty”.
#3) Dancing Roommate and I curled up in the living room to watch Holiday Inn last night with hot toddies. Nothing says Christmastime like Bing Crosby and hot toddies. 
Unfortunately, my return to S Factor after a six week hiatus was not a highlight of the weekend. I hurt. Sore abs are great and bruises on my feet and inner thighs are manageable, but the strange pinch between my neck and right shoulder blade might require a professional. 

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