A Little BS

February 4, 2009 at 6:20 am (favs, in my head, plays well with others)

BS: dude I should totally sell an egg
Ex-ALM: wow. Um, that’s worth a little research before jumping in…
BS: nah
my DNA should be passed on
it’s only fair to the world
but I don’t want to get fat and be tied to a shit machine for 18 years
Ex-ALM: I am way too tired to come up with as witty a response as that comment deserves.
BS: $20,000+!!! it would take me like a month to make that if I became a high class hooker
Ex-ALM: You are in rare form today. Truly.
BS: I’m always in rare form baby. My form is RARE. Rrrrowrr.
Ex-ALM: You know you shouldn’t drink at work, right?



  1. SoMi's Nilsa said,

    So, if you donate an egg, will you be allowed to drink at work or do you have to back away from the bottle kinda like real pregnant women?

  2. Anonymous said,

    You could make quite a bit as a high class hooker… but where do they pick hooker class? You’d figure that any woman who was going to become a hooker would want to be a high class one… it would get her better money and better clients. But obviously not all are high class. Is there a governing body that assigns you a class? Or is there like an entrance exam you have to take? While other people are sitting for the MSAT and LSAT, is there a place where people are taking the HO-SAT? And, if so, what does the practical portion of that exam look like? (Can I volunteer to be a proctor?)

  3. amber said,

    I giggled for about five mins. after reading this. You rock.

  4. BS said,

    Nilsa – Meh, I could do a few months sober for $20K. It’s not like I’d have to go without sushi, right? Because THAT I’d need to think about.

    Anon – I’m pretty sure I’m already certified as high class. And also, heh heh, you said “proctor”.

    Amber – No YOU rock!

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