Le Weekend: Is it over yet?

March 17, 2009 at 8:50 pm (plays well with others, the fam)

I’ve been sick since Wednesday. On Friday, I gave up on trying to go in to work and focused my energy on trying to get down to my parents’ house for the weekend. Somewhere around the SF side of the eastbound Bay Bridge, I realized that my gas tank was still on empty…which is how I found myself nearly out of gas in a very sketchy part of Oakland. I’d like to pretend that as an adult in the middle of the afternoon, in a city mere miles from my apartment, I held it together and rationalized that I was probably quite safe, but the truth is I was sweating. Actually sweating. Every other house was boarded up or falling down. And my little orange light got brighter and brighter. In the end, the Dangerous Ex talked me through, more or less, and a very nice crackhead reminded me that my car’s registration tags had expired.

A few hours later I was back in the land of cows and evangelical Christians to attend a low-key fundraiser with my parents. We chatted with family friends and I stupidly had a sip of wine, whereupon my throat began to burn and close up. [Note to self: Hey stupid, don’t drink when you’re sick!] I switched over to water right about the time my dad bought a vertical of ’80, ’81, and ’82 Caymus cabs at the auction. Hello 30th birthday!

After breakfast with two good friends on Saturday, I decided to take care of that pesky expired reg tag situation. Trip #1 to AAA explained that I’d need my AAA card and cash or a check. Enter trip home to pick up the AAA card and trip to the bank to get a wad of cash (holy ripoff Batman!). Trip #2 to AAA allowed me to pay for the registration sticker and avoid any further late charges, but also pointed out that I needed a smog check. Enter trip to the gas station where they did the smog check while I waited (and where I ran into my mom’s co-worker while busying myself with the iPhone). Trip #3 to AAA produced stickers, which were applied to my license plate then and there so that I couldn’t ignore them any longer. As I pointed out to my parents, this would not have been a problem if the DMV had just sent me the damn registration renewal by email. I mean, who pays attention to snail mail (that isn’t hand addressed) anymore? Mine all goes into a pile to be sorted “later”.

Sometime on Saturday I developed a fever and went into a deep, deep sleep. [Warning: This story gets a little icky right about…now.]

On Sunday, I woke up with raised itchy patches on my left wrist. My mom sprayed something sticky on it (I want to say Benadryl if that exists in spray form) and we went off to services. Later that afternoon, I felt it on my elbows. By dinner (at a very nice restaurant to celebrate my dad’s birthday), my elbows, forearms, and butt – yes butt – were covered in massive hives. By the end of dessert, I had them on my left cheek (cheek on my face, that is) as well. One quick stop at Wallgreens later, we were home with hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl, and one super itchy BS with a crazed hungry look in her eyes. If you had told me that setting myself on fire would have stopped the itching, I might have seriously considered that option. And then it got worse. I woke up in the middle of the night with hives on my back and thighs and my left eye swollen shut. More Benadryl. At first light, they had moved to my chest, stomach, and hamstrings. More Benadryl. Then I slept.

I’ve been on Benadryl almost continuously since – while being very careful not to exceed the maximum 24hr dose. Every time I stop taking it, they show up somewhere new. It’s like I’m chasing the hives around my body. I got it under control long enough to meet my mom at school yesterday and watch her teach (she retires in June), but they started to come back when I got on the road back to SF yesterday afternoon. I took a Benadryl before bed, knowing that I had a meeting to run this morning, and still woke up with my eyes swollen shut. More Benadryl.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend…you know, when it wasn’t completely miserable.



  1. amber said,

    UGH! I hate hives. I can sympathize.

  2. Bridget said,

    Ummm… go to the doctor? I don’t get hives so I don’t know when you seek medical attention but yikes. I hope you feel better soon!

    And if you need someone to help you drink those bottles of Caymus, you know where to reach me. Ahem.

  3. fabulous girl said,

    Honey! So sorry to hear it – been thinking of you.

  4. BS said,

    I assure you I am fully recovered. 🙂 Sorry to miss you on Friday!

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