When bad television gets really, really bad

April 13, 2009 at 4:06 am (in my head)

While sick and battling coughing-fit induced insomnia in Hawaii, I caught three or four priceless episodes of The Hills. [See ya male readers, thanks for stopping by.]

#1) If for no other possible reason, I am happy that this is the last season because I am sofuckingsick of the Heidi/Spencer storyline. Those two people are going to destroy each other and I don’t want to watch. Also? I don’t care.

#2) I don’t have friends who punch people. Period. But maybe that’s just me.

#3) Do they really not realize that they’re on camera? Even the lying bartender girl who seems to have mistaken Spencer for, I don’t know, someone attractive or interesting? Everyone seems to do things or say things and then deny it, even when there is video proof.

#4) I like Lauren’s style. I admit it.


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