Can’t make this stuff up (II)

April 30, 2009 at 4:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Last night, on my way out of a work event at an artist’s home, I fell down most of a flight of stairs. In those few seconds while time slowed down, I went from My this is going to be embarassing! to Holy Hell I’m going down headfirst. Abort! Abort! And then I passed out. Twice.

I’m banged up and shaken more than truly injured, but I’m sick of the close calls. That accident would have been so much worse had I been hit closer to the driver’s side door* and this fall brought me down three times as many stairs as the one that put The Head Injury in a drug-induced coma. If this is the Universe’s way of telling me that I should shut up about turning 29, then message received. At this point I’ll be happy to MAKE IT to Saturday.

*Don’t let your car pick a fight with the front end of a police car. Theirs are MADE for ramming. Yours will lose.


Dear Powers That Be,

Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase let there not be a third post with this title. Ever.

I refuse to create a tag.

Most sincerely,




  1. SoMi's Nilsa said,

    Oh sweet mary jane! What a scary fall! Yes, please let there not be material for a third post lest BS not be well enough to write about it!

  2. fabulous girl said,

    Is it too late to say please be careful?

  3. Jess said,

    Oh, that’s so scary! I’m glad you’re OK.

  4. Bridget said,

    I hope you’re okay! And seriously, be careful. 🙂

  5. 3carnations said,

    Yow! Glad you’re okay! (and don’t do that again!)

  6. WendyB said,

    If it makes you feel any better, I fell UP a flight of stairs earlier this week.

  7. BS said,

    I’ve never been so anxious to have my birthday week (yes, I get a week, that’s the rule) over!

    And WendyB? I nearly tripped going up a flight of stairs yesterday, so I definitely understand how it can happen.

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