Blogger’s Block

May 13, 2009 at 3:58 pm (It's all about me)

I come up with all of these posts in my head and I want to share, I really do…but I can’t. Or won’t. So you get a meme. A meme I stole from a blogger I just found (but she likes Joshua Jackson and The West Wing, so I’m sold).

Warning: This got a little, um, steamier than I intended. I’d apologize, but I’m not sorry.

  • The perfect outfit: Anything with lacy boy shorts and a Chantelle bra underneath. I can put sweats and flip flops on over that and still feel good.
  • The perfect meal: Fish tacos. Grilled, not fried. (Ask me again in 5 minutes and I’ll have a completely different answer.)
  • The perfect hangover cure: More bourbon?
  • The perfect road trip: Gummy candy, cool weather, the Pacific Ocean, no map, no plan.
  • The perfect facial feature: Eyes, but I don’t like this question. Ask me about my favorite body part instead (no, it’s not getting that steamy) and I’d say forearms. They’re just fun.
  • The perfect drink: The Cucumber Gimlet from Rose Pistola. Dancing Roommate is working on her own version as my belated Christmas gift.
  • The perfect song: My nocturne. Or “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Otis Redding.
  • The perfect sign of affection: Hand on the small of the back under a shirt. Appropriate in public and yet obviously intimate.
  • The perfect afternoon: Playing hookey. Preferably naked.
  • The perfect vacation: Lots of walking, lots of side streets, lots of discovery, lots of chatting with the locals, lots of hotel sex.
  • The perfect invention: Underwire bras. Or the iPhone.
  • The perfect type of wedding: Small, open air, lots of dancing, Jimmy Choo sandals, no cake.
  • The perfect album: Photo. What?! I haven’t purchased a full album in years.
  • The perfect accent: Southern. As in the Carolinas, not Texas.
  • The perfect date: One you don’t want to end.
  • The perfect weather: New England in early October.
  • The perfect party: Impromptu.
  • The perfect sport: Baseball. Moments of suspense and intense action interspersed with long periods in which you can chat with friends, read a book, or bake a pie.
  • The perfect thing to say: “Yes.” Unless someone is asking you to buy into that whole harem pants trend. Then you say “No.” Loudly, with feeling.
  • The perfect day of the week: Saturday, for all of the typical reasons. You can wake up late, stay in bed, enjoy a full day, and still party into the wee hours because lovely Sunday is just waiting for you to flop down on it and take a nap.


  1. Be one with the Fro said,

    those is the perfect undergarments
    for any outfit.

    oh that is most definitely the perfect vacation.

    one day when i am having my bout of bloggers block i think i shall try this.

  2. Jess said,

    One thing I am looking forward to post-surgery is having a body that fits into undergarments the way it’s supposed to, so that I can finally have some that make me feel good.

  3. Katie said,

    I’m with you on the whole harem pants thing. I seem to remember a time when they had a tire tread pattern in loud late 80s/early 90s colors and were referred to as “Hammer Pants”. Changing the name to something that reminds one of sex doesn’t make them any more attractive.

  4. fabulous girl said,

    No cake at the wedding? Pourquoi?

    Oh, and I’m totally considering myself tagged.

  5. fabulous girl said,

    No cake at the wedding? Pourquoi?

    Oh, and I’m totally considering myself tagged.

  6. heisschic said,

    i just found your site and decided not to be a creeper-

    im with you on outfit, afternoon, invention, and just about everything else.

    and because i never know how to end these things, might as well go with the perfect thing to say- right?

    so YES

  7. BS said,

    Be one: Even just talking about those undergarments has me web shopping for more. Why couldn’t I fall in love with INexpensive lingerie?

    Jess: Undergarments that make you feel good SHOULD exist for all women of every shape and size. It should be a fundamental right of womanhood.

    Katie: You’re spot on, of course.

    FG: No cake. I don’t like it very much and it always costs more than it’s worth. No big, poofy, expensive dress either. And you know my meme is your meme!

    Hi there Heisschic, welcome. Also? Yes!

  8. amber said,

    Hee. I liked what Katie said. And I like this meme too, although usually I protest anything labeled ‘perfect’. Great answers – they made me wanna road trip with you.

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