Top 5

May 19, 2009 at 4:38 pm (in my head)

Because I’m incapable of coming up with my own material these days…

1. Josh Lyman
Right, like there’s any more chance of you getting special private time with Brad Pitt than there is of me getting time to be schooled in the way of national politics by a fictional character. Whatever.

2. Joshua Jackson
(No, they won’t all be named Josh.) He’s smartfunny. And you can tell he loves women.

3. Kevin McKidd
Oh how I’d love a little game of Connect the Shoulder Freckles. It also helps that he seems to play intense, brooding soldiers a lot. In my mind, he always wears a uniform (well, not allllways). Preferably Old Guard* or Navy Dress Blues.

4. Josh Hartnett
I don’t need him to open his mouth; he can just sit there and look pretty. But not too pretty. Oh those eyes.

5. Channing Tatum
Again, not so much with the talkey-talkey. But the dude CAN dance. (Also? *ahem* shoulder freckles.)

*I blame The Dangerous Ex for this one. I’d just post one of his Tomb pics, but the egotistical bastard (and I say that with love) would enjoy it too much.



  1. fabulous girl said,

    Three out of 5 is still a lot of them named Josh …

  2. Katie said,

    Oh, Pacey…LOVE him.

  3. Bridget said,

    I would marry Josh Lyman tonight. You know, if he were real.

    Excellent taste, my friend!

  4. amber said,

    MMM to Joshua Jackson – you CAN tell he loves women! And also mmm to Hartnett. Very lickable.

  5. BS said,

    It IS pretty strange that three of the five are named Josh.

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