Touch me

June 2, 2009 at 10:52 pm (in my head, plays well with others, present)

My head, it is owwy, so this may not make any sense.

Also?  I’ve just returned from this two-day work conference where I was with other people in my industry from 7:30 am until 11 at night, so this may not make any sense.

But be thankful, I could have shared my one and only journal entry from the conference instead. It’s actually from the night before the conference and it’s all about how lovely it is to be drunk. (No, really.) It seemed profound at the time. Then again I’d had two glasses of wine.

One of the things I chose to do at the conference was acroyoga (look it up). Somewhere in the middle of this little mini-workshop I realized that I was touching a stranger (two of them actually) and they were touching me. Granted, I work in the arts, but I’m still a New Englander in my professional life, which means that I. do not. touch. EVER. But in this acroyoga setting, I loved it. And I realized that the thing I’ve been missing and wanting and aching for is touch. Non-threatening, undemanding touch. The kind you get in a choreographed dance class. The kind you get in a relationship. The kind you get from family.

When I go home, it’s not unusual for me to curl up close to my mother on the couch. It’s not unheard of for my dad to walk up behind me and rub my shoulders. It’s absolutely expected that my friends will hug and/or greet each other with cheek kisses. In a relationship I usually have my  feet in a lap or my head on a chest. But I only get that once a month (except the relationship). So for the rest of my time here on Earth, I’m suffering from an affection deficiency and I’m beginning to feel it acutely.

For as much as I think the spiritual aspects of yoga are hooey, acroyoga may be my new religion. It’s balance and connection and trust, but mostly, it’s touch.



  1. SoMi's Nilsa said,

    Ooooh, I like the idea of touch. I mean, the thought of touching absolute strangers is slightly weird. But, I’ll bet you feed off one another and share your energy. And that’s kind of cool.

    • BS said,

      Exactly. It’s a completely non-threatening and undemanding sort of touch.

  2. Best of 2009: Conference « Busty Satan said,

    […] like summer camp. And then add a quiet dinner by myself the first night (with too much wine) and an acroyoga session and intentionally disconnecting from everyone in my life (except, actually, Bridget) and […]

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