Color me green

June 15, 2009 at 10:56 am (Uncategorized)

I was at my parents’ house this past weekend. If I had to find one emotion to characterize those 48 hours, it would be envy. (Envy being jealousy’s benign cousin with more love in her heart and much better shoes.)

My mother’s last day of work, ever, was Friday. For 37 years she gave more than 100% to the kids she taught. But now she’s free to travel and volunteer and SLEEP IN. Last night I wondered what this morning would feel like for her. The first regular Monday when she didn’t have to set an alarm, choose something to wear, and get her head in the game to be Mrs. BS, Teacher. The first Monday where she could pee whenever she needed to pee.

Before dinner on Saturday we stopped in to have cocktails with the two couples my parents travel with. They’re rowdy and smart and adventurous and FUN. Not only was I treated to stories from last year’s trip to Greece, Croatia, and Italy, but also to the planning for this year’s to Copenhagen and St. Petersburg. If I didn’t have a trip to Germany planned in October, I wouldn’t have been able to take it.

The baby shower for a high school friend was lovely. Getting to meet another friend’s two-week-old son was amazing. These women are the kind of mothers I want to be and they make me see motherhood in my future. Not anytime soon, but someday. They didn’t make me want a baby, but they did make me want a man whose genes I want to mix with mine.

My father and I took the family dogs to the dog park on Sunday morning. I watched individuals and couples and families walk in with Boxers and German Shepherds and small herding dogs and tried not to cry from longing.

I self-medicated with $4 Korres products at Marshall’s and an extra-long phone conversation with the Ex-ALM.



  1. Katie said,

    Oh, the joys of being able to leave the room and pee whenever you want! I’ve got about 28 more years (and then some probably) before I can retire, but I’m kind of glad about that. It means I’ve got a lot of things left to accomplish.

    • BS said,

      I really think the freedom to pee is what my mom is looking forward to the most.

  2. Peter DeWolf said,

    “Envy being jealousy’s benign cousin” <— I like that.

    • BS said,

      Well, see, and for saying that I like YOU.

  3. amber said,

    I love Korres. And congrats to your Mom on her retirement.

    • BS said,

      I do too and I love it even more when it’s only $4.

  4. Bridget said,

    I’m with Peter. I like “Envy being jealousy’s benign cousin.”

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