Photo Post

June 16, 2009 at 10:29 pm (past)

Katie of Can I just say… tagged me to do a photo post, but there was a problem. Nudity? Nope. Straight on shot of my face? Nah. It was a problem of numbers. I was supposed to find the 10th photo in my first photo folder, but I had to go to the 13th folder to find one with more than nine photos. And when I did it was a perfect, charming shot of…my right foot.

I’m almost certain the foot photo was part of a virtual modeling session for C. They were lovely d’Orsay heels, just purchased (in 2006 when the photo was taken), but I’d rather post a shot of my cleavage* than one of my feet. Instead, I went for something that seemed truer to the intent of this whole thing.

This is my tenth photo, regardless of folders, and it’s a doozie. At least to me.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

That, my friends, is the back of a wedding dress. Before you get all suspicious that I’m hiding a secret husband (feel free to picture this guy), I should clarify that it’s not MY wedding dress. It belongs to a very dear friend who married in the fall of 2006. The photo was taken in the spring of that year, when I was in the Bay Area meeting with my current employer. It brings back a whirlwind interview day that I never blogged about and the call offering me the job, which I answered in a dressing room. It precedes my 26th birthday (oh! to be 26 again!). It precedes about 10 weddings. It precedes my few months of living alone, the Ex-ALM, my life in California, the miracle that is LASIK, and (by more than 9 months, in case your math is bad and/or you care about such things) the birth of the bride’s son, Tyler. It shows me how much has changed in the short years since I reveled in pot-holed roads and Red Sox games.

*Not gonna happen.



  1. Bridget said,

    Thanks to this post, I was able to play catch up on your life and now need to know all about Costa Rica. It was excellent reading for when someone is way too tired and burned out to focus. 🙂

    • BS said,

      You know, I don’t know that Costa Rica is on here. While the company was great (the Ex-ALM is an EXCELLENT bug-killer and kayak partner), I usually say that Costa Rica is just Hawaii in Spanish. And I prefer Hawaii.

  2. jess said,

    I like that nudity was the first problem you mentioned- then followed by a shot of your face. do you have more “private” pictures than you do of portraits?

    if so- that’s kinda bad ass.

    on a somewhat related, completely random note: heidi klum used to track her weight loss/body progress post babies by taking weekly nude pictures of herself. talk about a scandal waiting to happen.

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