Call me

June 20, 2009 at 5:53 pm (if I ruled the world)

BS: I hate talking on the phone. My face gets hot.
Ex-ALM: I know.
BS: I reeeeaaaally hate it.
Ex-ALM: So I’ve heard. What if you got a bluetooth earpiece?
BS: I havea bluetooth earpiece.
Ex-ALM: You don’t like it?
BS: The battery is dead.
Ex-ALM: Oh.
BS: Yeah….
Ex-ALM: What about the earpieces that have a cord? You don’t have to charge those.
BS: I don’t like those.
Ex-ALM: You don’t like those.
BS: Annoooooooyyyying.
Ex-ALM: Ah.
BS: *Sigh….*
Ex-ALM: OK… how about you hire a person whose sole job it is to sit in the passenger seat of the car and repeat everything you’re saying into your telephone? And then that person can repeat everything that’s being said on the other end of the phone back to you.
BS: I like it!!!
Ex-ALM: I thought you might.
BS: Ooh, and can that person speak for me in a British accent?!
Ex-ALM: A British accent?
BS: I’m certain the things I say would sound more witty in a British accent.
Ex-ALM: Hm… You have a point.
BS: And then they could use a French accent when they speak to me!
Ex-ALM: Wait… So this person sitting in your car relaying your phone conversations would say your entire half to the person on the other end in a British accent, but whatever the person at the other end of the phone said would be repeated back to you in a French accent?
BS: Exactly!
Ex-ALM: Now you’ve gone too far.



  1. Bridget said,

    Everything sounds better with a British accent, even “ya’ll.”

  2. Peter DeWolf said,

    That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

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