July 20, 2009 at 11:01 am (plays well with others)

Someone, in what might go down as the worst parking job ever, did serious damage to my parked car on Friday, then drove off without leaving a note.

Here’s how the girl who did it got very, VERY unlucky and/or was very, VERY stupid.

  1. My car was parked in front of my office, mere feet from a garden where most of my co-workers like to eat  lunch.
  2. At least two co-workers were near enough to identify the car, identify the girl (who got out to assess the damage before driving off), and make a full report to a police officer.
  3. She was on her way in, not out, and stayed in the area for her appointment.
  4. She was driving an easily identifiable car. No silver Honda Civic for this one.
  5. I walked out to find my co-worker inspecting my car minutes after it was hit.
  6. The fact that I’ve had my car for less than two months fired me up enough to lead my co-worker on a hunt around the area until we spotted her bright blue PT Cruiser.
  7. The appointment she decided to keep after hitting my car, then moving hers to a separate lot? A picnic in that same garden where my co-workers were now waiting to be questioned by the police.
  8. Instead of apologizing and admitting she screwed up, she lied and said she was planning to wait for someone to come out. I might have believed her if she had looked me in the eye.
  9. She’s here on a student visa. Had I chosen to press criminal charges, she could have been going right back home.

She left me a message saying that she learned her lesson and would be more careful, but the lesson I wish she would have learned is this: Doing the right thing ALWAYS pays you back. Perhaps not immediately, but inevitably. I let her off the hook because I couldn’t have the derailment of her academic career on my conscience and only 48 hours later, when I stupidly left my purse hanging on the back of an outdoor chair in Disneyland, my goodwill came right back around in the form of a couple who turned the purse in intact.



  1. accidentallygraceful said,

    Goodness. Lucky for you on both accounts. Poor girl though – it seems so silly that one would do that.

  2. Karen said,

    I always believe in Karma. Plus I think it takes a lot more energy to be mean than it does to be kind. Very good news on your purse. A stolen purse is a HUGE pain!!

  3. Katie said,

    What goes around comes around. Good story!

  4. Bridget said,

    You know you’re on Twitter too much when you want to hash tag everything but here I go again: #shegotwhatshedeserved

    And, like I said, you were the better person in the situation. Hope your car gets better soon!

  5. MJ said,

    Great story! I am a firm believer in karma–live right, and good things will happen to you : )

  6. SoMi's Nilsa said,

    Lately, I’ve been heard saying, “Karma’s a bitch” to people who do really stupid things. By saying (and believing) that, it’s no longer on my conscience. The Universe will handle the situation. And as you clearly illustrated, the Universe does a good job of catching up with all of us. Sorry to hear about your car; thankful to hear about your purse!

  7. Best of 2009 – Night out « Busty Satan said,

    […] And then…I just started to take it all too hard. The accident, the fall, the fainting, the deviant international student, losing my grandma, being sick. I could come up with just as long a list of good things, but […]

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