Catching up

September 21, 2009 at 12:45 pm (in my head)

If you know me at all (and if you don’t, you should, I’m fun…and I bake), then you know that coherency isn’t my strong suit. I’m the girl who will be talking about curtains, trail off into “oh, but that won’t work…” and then suddenly ask if you saw that Rivera blew his saves streak. So I make no apologies (except this wordy preface) for what you’re about to get today.

– Three people this weekend thought I looked young enough to be in college. Three! Dear sunscreen, I love you.

– My mom put our cat down this morning. She was a great cat (mostly because she acted like a dog) who made it more than 19 years and turned very suddenly to skin and bones and a wobbly walk. She liked to try to sleep on my neck and she hated it when I’d hold her down and play with her tummy fur. Like I said, she was a great cat.

– Cable arrives on Saturday! So I’ll have internet at home just long enough to get back to posting regularly before I’m off to Germany for most of October.

– Speaking of Germany, Mom and I planned the trip. Munich to Nuremberg to Leipzig to Dresden to Berlin to Dusseldorf (and Cologne, Bonn, and the Mosel Valley wine region) to Munich. Now I just have to start reading the guide books to see what I want to see.

– Still re: Germany (you should expect a lot of this in the coming weeks), I need comfortable shoes. It’s not that I don’t have comfortable shoes, but they’re driving moccasins or flip flops. They’re things I wear to work until I change into something stylish. They’re not the kind of shoe in which I can explore a European city. And yet every time I go to the “Comfort” section of the shoe shop (I have a gift card), I want to cry. How hard can it be to create a comfortable, good-looking shoe with at least a 1″ heel (flats = owwy)? The entire selection makes me think of Seattle. And while I love that city, I don’t have any desire to dress like the late Kurt Cobain.

– I feel spiritually depleted. I don’t mean to get all metaphysical on you, but I feel like I’m in desperate need of a fill-up. I need a good evening with great friends or an amazing dance class or a moment of peaceful non-silence in a grove of sequoias. These things are my religious experiences. Living rooms and dance studios and forests are my churches and I need a long, long sermon.

– My dad and I will be attending a professional conference together. Weird. And wonderful. He’ll be all lawyerly and I’ll be all artsy-fartsy, but it’s the same conference.

– If I had the vacation time available, I’d take a day off this week to organize the new apartment. IKEA furniture must be assembled and shelves must be lined and clothing must be organized by type (or color, I can’t decide).

– Dancing Roommate came by last night and brought the perfect simple white wine glasses. C stopped by with a rose in just the shade of pink I’d like to bring into the room (in small doses). How awesome are my friends? Answer: Pretty damn awesome.



  1. MJ said,

    A quiet hike through the woods–especially in the fall, with the leaves crunching below my feet–always helps me when I feel “spiritually depleted.”

    • BS said,

      A quiet hike sounds so lovely. Especially if I get to come home to a dog and some tea.

  2. Katie said,

    I need a spirit uplift as well. My life is my job right now and it’s completely sucking the spirit right out of me.

    • BS said,

      As a retired teacher’s daughter, I know just how exhausting that job can be, but also how fulfilling. I hope you start getting the fulfillment part soon!

  3. Jess said,

    I’m sorry about your cat.

    • BS said,

      Thanks. She was awesome. A childhood friend’s cat died on Tuesday, so I like to think that they’re sleeping in the sun together in kitty heaven. 🙂

  4. fabulousgirl said,

    Depending on the closet set up, I recommend organizing the clothes by type and then by colour. All jeans together, all tops together, and then darkest to lightest, sleeved to sleeveless, from left to right.

    Yes, I spent the day in my own closet.

    • BS said,

      It sounds as though you could make a career of organizing closets.

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