Giving Thanks…my way

December 4, 2009 at 2:22 pm (in my head, It's all about me)


I am not in a particularly thankful mood. In all honesty, in this very moment while I type, I’m in more of a FML kind of mood. Four new tires. One new battery. A week out sick. The glaring absence of a datable man in my life and a snuggleable dog. Overuse injuries that keep me from the best parts of dance class. Work stuff that I daren’t mention. (Don’t mess with me about the ‘daren’t’, I’m warning you…) But perhaps this is the perfect time to focus on the good. Right when I’d rather be punching something or driving my car hard enough to pop one of those dangerously low tires, I should be remembering the happy. I’ll try. But I make no promises that I won’t throw in a “fuck me” or two just because it feels good.

I am thankful for (this isn’t going well, I already want to kick myself for the faux-cheer)…

1) A job.
Yes, I have one and yes, it doesn’t make me want to kill myself. (It just occasionally makes me want to punch a few key people in the neck. But not my boss. Or my bosses boss. And that’s something.)

2) A home.
Sure it’s small and I can barely afford to be social once I pay rent, but those seem to be sacrifices I’m willing to make. And I never have to worry about strange noises in the middle of the night since I can see almost every corner of the place from my bed.

3) My parents.
Now I really am going to get all cheesy on your ass. But really, how did I get so lucky? My mom laughed when my response to my punctured tire was, “at least my car is getting nailed.” And I would enjoy spending time with her even if she wasn’t my mother. My dad tells me he loves me and is proud of me every chance he gets. Sometimes I wish I could share them, they’re that awesome.

4) My endorphin addiction.
I will always work out and it’s rarely an internal struggle to get to the gym/pool/studio. I love it both while I’m doing it and after the fact. For that, I will always be thankful.

5) My city.
Boston is like a first love, it’ll always have some small piece of my heart, but San Francisco is like the man I’ll marry, it reminds me over and over why it’s the love of my life.

6) My dance options.
I’ve said before that dance is my church. That I have at least two wonderful, welcoming studios in which to take classes as an adult with no professional aspirations is the kind of miracle that makes me subscribe to the religion.

I’m not immune to the fact that I basically just said I have a great life in a great place with a great family and great friends, but I won’t pretend I was able to shake off the bad mood. Thankfully, I’m willing to keep trying.



  1. Jess said,

    We invested in some snow tires this year and ouch, we are still reeling. So much for trying to save every penny. But it’s so nice to know that if it starts to snow when we’re out and about, we’re much safer on the road home.

  2. Jess said,

    You’re so lucky to be able to find dance studios that allow you to do that without professional ambitions and actual adult classes. I wish I could find that.

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