Best of 2009 Blog Challenge – Best Place

December 15, 2009 at 11:51 pm (#best09)

I know I’m way behind here, but I suck at a lot of things lately, so think of blogging as just the tip of the suckage iceberg.

(And I skipped best album because I have historically atrocious taste in music. Moving on.)

This is going to be a photo essay of sorts…about my new closet.

I have what my friends have begun to refer to as a “Carrie Closet” – that is, you have to walk through it to get to my bathroom. That door with my pajamas and the Sox hat (actually, hatS – there are two because really, who owns only one Sox hat?!) leads to my little powder room. When I first looked at the place, I thought of it as a nuisance I could accept in exchange for an in-building garage spot and a killer location. But I quickly discovered its possibilities.

Oooh, aaah, clothes.

You see this, my friends, in addition to being a walk-in closet, is a DRESSING ROOM. That’s right, a dressing room. Because I am a friggin’ rock star. At least in my closet. It fits my dresser and still leaves enough room to practice pirouettes (I mean…not that I’ve tried…). I organized it according to my very own supersecret, makes-perfect-sense-but-would-take-me-too-long-to-explain system, which, I must admit, is brilliant. At least in my closet. Between The System and having it all in plain sight (except for coats and suits which get their own closet in the hall), I never have to go searching for something and nothing gets lost in the back. I have a place to set out clothes for the next day (you can see tomorrow’s outfit hanging on the door in the photo up top) plus plenty of space to dump a dance bag and my various ballet/pointe/jazz shoes (not pictured, for damn good reasons!).

That jumble of shiny stuff is the pile of silver bracelet-type-things I plan to layer on tomorrow.

Every morning I use this space to dress, spray on a bit of perfume, steal a glance at that glamorous photo of my grandparents, and begin my day feeling like a million bucks. Over the past few months, this closet dressing room has gone from a nuisance to my favorite place.

The back of this photo is stamped, "Cedars Country Club, Lakeville, Conn." with "1939" added in my grandma's handwriting, which means this was taken the summer they met.

Forgive me, I thought it worth adding a close-up of this photograph.

P.S. I still wear the watch she has on here.
P.P.S. See?



  1. MJ said,

    When I first saw “Carrie closet” in my Google Reader, I thought Stephen King’s Carrie, not Sex in the City….scary.

    • BS said,

      Even scarier would be a (Stephen King’s) Carrie Gymnasium…or wherever they held that prom.

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