Best of 2009 Blog Challenge – Food and Change to Where I Live

December 16, 2009 at 12:10 am (#best09)

Let’s just gang these together here so I can move on to bitching about being single at Christmas. Sort of.


Buttermilk panna cotta is the kind of thing I really didn’t need to know about. It’s not easy to find (unlike, say, bad pizza in California), it’s not exactly good for you, and it’s not cheap (unless you compare it to rack of lamb…or caviar). But I don’t know why I’m surprised that what I want is rare, indulgent, and luxurious. I should know myself better than that by now. Regardless, it’s SO. DAMN. GOOD. So good. Trust me here, I know dessert.

Change to Where I Live

Well, I changed where I live, so I think that should count. The best part? No roommates. The worst part? No longer living with my former roommates. They should move in next door…or maybe into the next building over.


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