Happy #2

December 16, 2009 at 11:17 pm (in my head)

Well now haven’t I been a cranky-pants. I’m sorry you all had to hear it, but it needed to happen. I’ll be better. I’m trying this post idea again in the hopes you’ll forgive me.

But first, an observation. I nearly set my apartment on fire with Hanukkah candles tonight. Really. I’m sure it made sense at the time when I decided to light extra-long wicks in a menorah atop paper towels on a plastic placemat. The lit wicks fell, the towel went up in a flash and now I’m short a placemat. A tad scary, sure (and seriously, if there’s going to be a fire scare don’t I at least get hot firemen?!), but I’m proud of how calmly I put the fire out with simple oxygen deprivation. I probably shouldn’t have used the matchbox to smother it, but hey, it worked and we’re all alive.

Things that have made me happy…

in the last 5 minutes.

Happy Feet. Who knew group numbers with penguins could be so well-choreographed.

in the last 5 hours.

After a fairly contentious meeting, my boss’s boss said to me, “Thank you for standing up. You stand up and then you deliver. And then you stand up again and you deliver again.” Well thank YOU sir!

in the last 5 days.

Bourbon and Branch with The Agent and a friend was ridiculously fun. They shushed us at midnight (actually, it being a speakeasy, they asked us to speak easy) and kicked us out at 2am. We giggled way too much and parts of high school may have been relived. Also? The friend got rid of a boy who lingered too long with a method that is simply priceless.

in the last 5 months.

I’ve begun making my own coffee in the morning and it’s like a whole new world. I love my lattes, but that was a lot of my well-earned cash going to Peet’s every month. Mom and dad offered their old coffeemaker and the whole thing has become quite a habit. I make one cup to go every morning and (for reasons I can’t explain) think of the penultimate scene in Working Girl.

in the last 5 years.

So You Think You Can Dance. Once again it became a popularity contest, but I don’t care. This show brought dance to the masses and exposure to now more than 100 talented dancers and a bevy of incredible choreographers. If even 10% have found jobs from that, I’d be happy.

So what has made you happy in the last 5 minutes, hours, days, months and/or years?



  1. SoMi's Nilsa said,

    Sweets has been making coffee at home for the last year or so. Not only does it cut down on how much his habit costs us, but it also allows him to try different blends from the store. In the last 5 minutes, a small piece of peppermint bark might have made me happy. =)

    • BS said,

      Great point! Peppermint bark would make me pretty happy too.

  2. Jess said,

    Nothing wrong with a vent session! Glad things are going well for you.

    Also, last week I almost lit the house on fire. Torsten has a habit of dumping the old ashes from the fireplace into a paper grocery bag. He was out of town and I wanted to light a fire so I did the same thing. The fireplace hadn’t been used in at least 24 hours, but apparently there was a live ember buried among the ashes, and I didn’t see it. I cleaned out the ashes and then couldn’t get a fire started and gave up. Then, maybe half an hour later I looked over and noticed that the paper bag of ashes was smoking. I ran over and saw that a smoldering hole was burning in the side of it. Without pausing to think, I grabbed the whole bag and threw it into the empty fireplace. Not 30 seconds later the whole bag went up in flames. AND it had been sitting near some newspaper and firewood, and on our hardwood floor… seriously, it could have burned the house down. I still get the chills when I think about it. Thank god I was in the room when it happened, and that my first instinct was a good one. And in the future we will be scooping ashes into something non-flammable.

    • BS said,

      Ack! Be careful! I’m glad your first instinct was a good one too! (That’s a lot of exclamation points, but they’re necessary.)

      I think my dad puts them in a paper grocery bag too. He’ll need to be warned/admonished.

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