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December 18, 2009 at 3:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Yay Portugal! Boo Uganda!

I know it’s an AP story, but I got that Uganda one via Fox. (This is by way of saying, “Look at how objective I’m being!” except, of course, that I’m not. At all.) NPR coverage quoted a US evangelical as stating that those who stand up and say that homosexuality is OK should be arrested.

Hi. [Standing up]


G’head Mr. Langa, bring it.

Not only is this kind of legislation and persecution fundamentally wrong, it’s terribly un-Christian. Shame on you people.

And then there’s this horseshit. When we were at Dachau, we saw plenty of people taking pictures of themselves smiling and pointing to the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign. I get that it’s iconic and people feel the need to record having been there (hell, I took this photo at the memorial site), but the pointing and smiling seemed…what’s the phrase I’m searching for?…in piss-poor taste. And stealing the thing? If it wasn’t an actual anti-semitic act, then the hooligans should be publicly whipped, like they do in Singapore for spitting out gum. Not for being callous and insulting the memory of those imprisoned and tortured and murdered at that site, but for being absolute fuckwits. If it was anti-semitic, it’s a whole other thing.

And then we have this gem. It’s a story a old as time, really (and at this point, this particular one is an old story). Dude who isn’t getting any calls the women denying him picky whores. Happens all the time. I’m just enjoying the verbal ass-kicking he’s been given by a whole collection of folks (including alumnae who claim they’ll never hire him). I remember the Dangerous Ex talking about how he felt on the Wellesley campus. He was smart enough to see it for the role-reversal it was (that is, many heads turned when he walked through a dining hall, some checking him out, some wondering what he was doing there, and some just being friendly, which, in my experience, is the reaction I’ve received when I’ve walked into a bar, a boardroom, and most every other place, respectively). He was also cocky enough to enjoy it. Then again, he doesn’t have a Napoleon complex, which may or may not be neither here nor there. Ahem.

In not so much news, but marketing materials, I cannot get enough of this dress. I’m not typically a shiny, sparkly, more-is-more type, but lately I love me some sequins. I’d rather pair this with a crisp white button-down (worn open with the sleeves rolled up) and these booties (or these booties). (Heh, I said “booties,” heh.) I don’t know what’s happening around here, truly, but I’m breaking out of my style comfort zone in all KINDS of ways.

In doing-my-sartorial-civic-duty news, my favorite pair of flats are on sale. These things are terribly comfortable and pretty much go with everything. They’re not exactly appropriate for, say, Denver or Chicago in the winter, but come spring they’d be brilliant.

In not-really-news-at-all, I just did a double pirouette in the elevator at work. In flip flops. Between the basement and 1st floor. Boo-yah!

And finally, in weather news, yes, I said I’m wearing flip flops. It’s 61 degrees in beautiful Where-I-Am, California. If it helps, I’m headed to Denver (plus Breckenridge) for a few days, so I assure you I won’t be wearing them tomorrow morning.



  1. Bridget said,

    I can’t believe people are still so horribly small minded. Ugh.

    I miss 61 degrees. A double pirouette in an elevator? That’s awesome.

    Have a great time in Colorado!

    • BS said,

      Double pirouettes make me happy, even if I’m too old to be doing them!

  2. MJ said,

    I thought it was strange that people were taking pictures at Yad Vashem, the Hollocaust museum in Jerusalem.

    • BS said,

      Perhaps it’s just that people are strange?

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