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January 21, 2010 at 11:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I still have a raging crush on Neil Patrick Harris. It’s like a whole new level of impossibility. So, yeah, 2010 is beginning much like 2009.

I was more attracted to the kind soul who caught me when the MAX train lurched than I was to the ex-Army bartender/volunteer fireman with the killer abs. Manners > abs. Wow, I really have grown.

This stuff is A-DDIC-TIVE. My mom tells me it tastes like bad beer, but I’m pretty sure it’s miraculous sour fizziness that makes me not crave sugar. If only I could get it in California. I’m considering a trip to visit Colorado Friend just to stock up.

Does anyone else feel like the only difference between one eye cream and the next is gel vs. cream and expensive vs. really ridiculously expensive? I’ve tried Murad, Darphin, Philosophy, Peter Thomas Roth, Kiehl’s (and Kiehl’s), and Neutrogena. I like the first Kiehl’s and the Darphin, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because they’re gels and not because they have any effect whatsoever on whether or not I look like I stayed up past 3 am watching Oprah and chugging Grey Goose.

I’m taking a class at a community college (seriously, did you know you can take a college class for $110?!) and it’s turning me into a crotchety old woman. I spend most of the three hours wanting to smack the over-cologned 19-year-olds who are texting during the lecture. In myyyyyyyyy day, students were focused and engaged.

I will be doing the Glamour Magazine cleanse/detox beginning on February 1. Before you get all “cleanses are bad for you” and “it’ll fuck with your metabolism” on me, you should know that the Glamour cleanse is basically a week of eating as I should be eating: 1) Three small meals plus two snacks a day 2) Fruits and veggies galore 3) Lean protein in small portions 4) Portion control on starches, which you’ll only be getting from whole grains or 1/2 a potato 5) Small amounts of fat from olive oil, nuts, or avocados 6) No processed foods. I can do anything for a week, I’m sure, but this one sounds particularly reasonable. I’ll basically be giving up cheese, sugar, pasta, and booze. Easy-peasy…for a week. I’m hoping the cleanse can give me back the feeling I got while drinking the miracle fizzy drink.

P.S. Hi, I’m Sara.

Red lipstick on New Year's Eve!



  1. SoMi's Nilsa said,

    My brother’s roommate freshman year of college was the the founder of Murad’s son. Fact.

    Fact – it’s good to see your face on this here blog!

    Happy weekend, Sara!

    • BS said,

      How cool! Does your brother use Murad products?

  2. Jess said,

    The Glamour cleanse definitely sounds reasonable. I won’t be doing it, but I do try to incorporate a lot of its main messages into my diet in general.

    You are gorgeous! So glad to finally see your face!

    • BS said,

      Thank you! I’ve started trying to incorporate pieces of it, though I don’t start the actual cleanse until the first and I feel better already.

  3. Jess said,

    Hi Sara!

    The Glamour cleanse sounds interesting. Right now, I think I am doing the “What am I NOT allergic to?” cleanse. We’ll see how that works out.

    Oh, and I’m so with you on the NPH.

    • BS said,

      Ugh! Good luck with that. They say that most food allergies that didn’t appear in childhood appear in your mid-late 20s, especially for women. I hope it ends up being something you don’t like!

  4. M said,

    You are truly lovely; I applaud you for sharing your name and pic. I greatly enjoy reading your blog…(btw, no, I’m not a creepy guy, just a gal who stumbled on your blog months ago and has been a regular reader ever since)

    • BS said,

      Aw, I’m blushing! Thank you, M.

  5. Bridget said,

    Isn’t she lovely?!?!?

    • BS said,

      Pot, kettle and whatnot m’dear, but thank you!

  6. amber said,

    I’m so glad you decided to show yourself! (You are as gorgeous as I suspected, by the way). As far as cleansing goes, I’m reluctant to try one, especially one that prohibits cheese. I love cheese.

    The most bizarre thing I’ve heard is that Beyonce supposed spent a week drinking cayanne pepper and honey or some such nonsense.

    • BS said,

      Blech. Water with honey and cayenne sounds like some strange Soviet torture technique. The cheese part will be tough for me too, but as I said, I can do anything for a week. Then I’ll have cheese back.

      And thank you! You folks are pretty much making my day with all of this niceness.

  7. amber said,

    PS: I’m certain I spelled cayanne wrong. Cayenne? Ceyanne?

    • BS said,

      Not to worry, I fixed it in my head.

  8. WendyB said,

    Yay! Red lips on a pretty lady.

    • BS said,

      Yay! indeed. I’ve become red lip obsessed.

  9. MJ said,

    I’m glad I could be here for your “coming out.” The red lipstick is fantastic.

    Fasts/cleanses can be done in a healthy way, and it sounds like the glamour cleanse gets it right. You shouldn’t starve yourself, but cutting caffeine, booze, meat processed foods, etc. can definitely help your body out.

    • BS said,

      Well now I feel like I want to throw curtains open and step out in a gold lamé dress like, TA-DA!

      Thank you. That and bright green eyeliner (not together) are my new favorite bold makeup looks.

      Exactly my thought on the cleanse. It’ll be cutting out things I shouldn’t put in my body anyway (but will certainly return to at some point).

  10. Windsor Grace said,

    First of all, you look absolutely beautiful in your picture. Secondly, I know!! Students today don’t care. And, they are all about making friends. I’m all like, I’m here to learn. Well, I was when I was in school. And I was like 22, but still. Whatev. It’s totally different when you are supporting yourself.

    • BS said,

      First of all, thank you! You folks really are too nice.

      Second of all, exACTly.

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